Hi, happy to see you over on my side of the island (I’m an ‘island girl’ – Jamaican)! You’re curious about who is behind this site and what it’s about, so let me tell you:

About Me


My name is Rennarto Channer Rhoden and I am a married mom of twin girls (fraternal). My girls are mostly referred to as Kami (Twin A) and Cali (Twin B) and we are now enjoying twin toddlerhood.

I’m an introvert and love spending time in my head but as a mom of twins I find myself actively reaching out to other twin moms (and borderline stalking them online – IG is my platform of choice) just so I can get a peek into the lives of women like you to see if you are going through the same things I am.

What is Twin Mom Tales?

Twin Mom Tales is a retreat…a place to share stories – the experiences of raising twins, as well as connect with other MoMs (Mother of Multiples).

Everything shared here aims to

    • Inspire and empower you to enjoy this profound journey of raising twins
    • Reassure you that other twin moms know and live what you are going through and
    • Share advice and life experiences that will help you to feel confident and capable as a mom of twins

Some stories shared here are my own but a large number of them are from moms like you around the globe. While trying to work up the courage to start this blog, I visited a lot of beautiful blogs by other twin moms and the stories that resonated the most with me were always the ones that are raw and honest about what it is like as a parent of twins and how it changes our lives dramatically.

When we tell our stories in a safe community, all those things that separate us go away – Sarah Markley

I would be honored to share this space with you and publish your stories and experiences to other moms out there who NEED to hear what you went through and are still going through. So go ahead and tell me all about it – Share Your Twin Story or participate in the interview series, Twin Mom Talks.

If you see some sayings or phrases sprinkled throughout the site and my communications online that make you go ‘huh?’ – That’s just my Jamaican spice coming through. Feel free to drop me a comment or send a message on Facebook or Instagram and I’ll be happy to explain – I love talking about my home and culture, so don’t be shy!

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Til’ next time!

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