Twin Babies Development – Milestones from 6 to 12 months

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  • Rennarto

    Just looking back through my notes for when my babies 6-12 months old and they truly were doing a lot! I need to get them written in the baby books though (they’re almost 2 now!!). Here is what they were up to at that stage:

    6 months – Both are sitting up without help, rolling over both ways and starting to crawl. They started playing more with each other and got very vocal and show excitement when they see us come home after work. At this point they were trying out foods other than milk.

    7 months – they start pulling up to stand and try letting go a few times. Both babble a lot but twin A starts saying ‘mama’ first.

    8 months – They start interacting more with each other and have a distinct and separate pitch/tone when ‘talking’ to each other. They are now consistently saying words such as ‘mama’, ‘dada’ and ‘baba’. Twin A cautiously lets go while standing and starts waving goodbye at the appropriate time/when prompted. Twin B fearlessly jumps off when standing and started to sleep through the night with her pacifier (Twin A still wakes up to nurse).

    9 months – Both started to actively watch our facial expressions. Twin B was holding her own bottle now, stands on her own for longer period and climbs everything. Twin A started trying to feed herself with spoon and fork, and saying ‘bye-bye’.

    10 months – They are very interested in the shows on the baby channel and have their favorites. Twin A starts climbing in and out of the couch and standing on her own for longer periods. Twin B takes one step occasionally, knows how to turn light switch off and flush the toilet.

    11 months – Twin A takes a few steps and Twin B started walking and running.

    12 months – Twin A stopped walking and went back to crawling (she didn’t fully start walking until 13 months). Twin B starts walking backwards in addition to running pretty much all the time and starts saying ‘nana’ and sing songs.

  • Emma Day (Crazy with Twins)

    What a fab and informative post. Thank you for the mention too! :) x

    • Rennarto

      Hi Emma, thanks for your contribution to making it fab! 😀